Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Contract

My oldest daughter loves to hold and sing and coo at her baby brother. But when she's had enough, she's ready to hand him back to me. Except that sometimes I'm not ready to take him. Maybe I'm cooking dinner or checking email or ironing sheets. (Ha, threw that last one in there for laughs.) So I tell her to put him down. But she won't. She doesn't want him to cry. It's more than that -- she doesn't want to be the one responsible for causing him to cry (by putting him down). So we've developed a system: when she's ready, she hands him back to me and then I put him down. That way, if he starts to fuss, she doesn't fell guilty about being the one who put him down.

But during the summer (before the system was in place) she was very frustrated with me for not taking him and frustrated at herself for not putting him down. So she typed-up a contract and presented it to me. I was laughing so hard that I thought I might start to cry. I printed it out and put it in her baby book. I'm cutting/pasting it below. I'm not changing anything (except for the names). I'm including it, typos and all.

The contraket

If I hold [the baby] I have the right to give him back to you. On any a kason. If you are making breakfast, doing make- up or on Face Book chating, or E- mail or any thing eles.
When I say take [him] please take him.


[daughter's name]

What do you think? Could she have a future as an attorney?


Anonymous said...

See- I if had been that smart..I would have not taken responsibility for Renee's happiness..maybe I should write a contract now..better late than never...kelly

Anonymous said...

Oh that is hilarious! This is what makes parenting the best! I love that she thought to write up a contract that you had to sign. Very smart girl!

The McCarthy's said...

You might want to start looking into Harvard Law School for her

suzanneu said...

I thought that was so funny. Pointed and direct but yet polite.