Friday, October 30, 2009

The Clone Troopers Have Arrived

The boys are going to be Clone Troopers for Halloween. I don't know about you, but I know nothing about Star Wars. I'm ignorant and I like it that way.

(See, it all started in 1977 when Star Wars hit the big screen. I was 7 years old. My ornery neighbors, BOYS, ages 7 and 5, saw the movie and thought they were Luke Skywalker. They had light sabers and they were not afraid to use them. On me. I had never seen the movie but knew, after getting whacked with a light saber daily, that I had no interest in seeing the movie. EVER. And still haven't seen it, 32 years later. And no, I'm not holding a grudge. I just don't like SciFi.)

But my boys are all about Star Wars these days. Specifically, Clone Troopers. Because apparently Clone Troopers are the good guys. They've been running around for weeks in their Clone Trooper suits. And just the other day, the long-awaited Clone Trooper Guns FINALLY arrived. So now the boys are stealthily moving throughout the house as if on a reconnaissance mission. I'm using this to my advantage though. If I need them to get me a pacifier or a diaper or whatever, I tell them that the enemy (see, I don't even know who the enemies are in Star Wars) has the pacifier and they must retrieve it for me without the enemy knowing. This game is working; maybe too well. I'm running out of things for them to retrieve from enemy territory.

I wonder if Clone Troopers could retrieve laundry and dirty dishes from behind enemy lines?

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Lilah and Rhys' Mom said...

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!? I don't even have words. No words.

FYI, the Clone troopers didn't arrive on screen until 2002. So you are forgiven for having little knowledge of them, but seriously, seriously . . . I'm shaking my head about Episodes 4,5,and 6