Friday, October 30, 2009

The Clone Troopers Have Arrived

The boys are going to be Clone Troopers for Halloween. I don't know about you, but I know nothing about Star Wars. I'm ignorant and I like it that way.

(See, it all started in 1977 when Star Wars hit the big screen. I was 7 years old. My ornery neighbors, BOYS, ages 7 and 5, saw the movie and thought they were Luke Skywalker. They had light sabers and they were not afraid to use them. On me. I had never seen the movie but knew, after getting whacked with a light saber daily, that I had no interest in seeing the movie. EVER. And still haven't seen it, 32 years later. And no, I'm not holding a grudge. I just don't like SciFi.)

But my boys are all about Star Wars these days. Specifically, Clone Troopers. Because apparently Clone Troopers are the good guys. They've been running around for weeks in their Clone Trooper suits. And just the other day, the long-awaited Clone Trooper Guns FINALLY arrived. So now the boys are stealthily moving throughout the house as if on a reconnaissance mission. I'm using this to my advantage though. If I need them to get me a pacifier or a diaper or whatever, I tell them that the enemy (see, I don't even know who the enemies are in Star Wars) has the pacifier and they must retrieve it for me without the enemy knowing. This game is working; maybe too well. I'm running out of things for them to retrieve from enemy territory.

I wonder if Clone Troopers could retrieve laundry and dirty dishes from behind enemy lines?

Three In A Row

Halloween celebrations, that is.

I was hoping it would be Phillies wins, but after last night, well . . . I guess we can hope for 2 out of 3.

Back to Halloween celebrations. Three in a row:
1. Thursday: Halloween Parade
2. Friday: Halloween parade/parties at school
3. Saturday: Trick-or-Treat

The annual Halloween parade: enjoying the festivities with friends & neighbors:

We have two sick kids in the house (my oldest and youngest) so my husband headed off to the parade with the healthy kids: two clone troopers and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I stayed home with the sick kiddos. My daughter was disappointed to have missed the parade and is none too pleased to be missing the Halloween festivities at school today. I had her at the doctor this morning and he informed her that she might not be able to got trick-or-treating tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed because she will be grossly disappointed to miss out on all three days of Halloween.

Stay tuned for Trick-or-Treat photos!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall is Fabulous

I love the colors of fall. Whether it's a brilliantly sunny day or a wet, gray day, the leaves are a feast for the eyes. The park at the end of my street is especially beautiful in both the spring and fall.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun

It was a busy weekend in Langanland! We went for a hike, carved pumpkins, went apple picking, and spent lots of time playing outside in the sunshine.

And even though Saturday was a wet and yucky day, we still found a way to have some Fall Fun.

We have a tradition-of-sorts for holiday fun. Our friends/neighbors get gingerbread cut-outs (house or cookies) with a holiday theme and then they bring the kit to our house and we all decorate

and eat


A good time was had by all. But you know what they say . . . "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye"? Well, for us it was all fun and games until someone loses a tooth. Chomping on all that hard gingerbread resulted in a chipped tooth for my oldest. (The poor kid can't catch a break! Last week she had strep and this week she's got a chipped tooth.) We'll be headed to the dentist later today to find out what needs to be done to fix it. Fortunately it's one of her baby teeth; however, it is one of her molars so it's not one that she'll be losing any time soon.

Hey, at least she didn't lose an eye.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great Pumpkin

My 6 year old son recently participated in a pumpkin-seed-counting activity in kindergarten. He brought the seeds home and proceeded to plant them in various places throughout the yard. He kept saying, "I sure hope my pumpkins grow by Halloween!" I tried to tell him that they wouldn't grow in time; I talked about seed planting and harvest; about the need for warm soil and sun and water. I read him a story called "It's Pumpkin Time!" to really drive the point home. But he was just so convinced that his seeds were going to be different. He's been checking his seeds daily, hoping to have a jack-o-lantern by Halloween.

My son had a sleepover at a friend's house last night. So this morning when I went to the Grower's Market, I bought a few small gourd-like pumpkins, a couple small pumpkins, as well as a couple medium-to-large sized pumpkins. I came home (he was still at the sleepover) and placed the pumpkins on the spots in the yard where he planted his seeds.

And then we waited. My girls stood by the door for about 20 minutes, camera in hand, to try and capture his reaction when he came through the back gate, into the "pumpkin patch". (Unfortunately, they did not get the shot as he turned his back to the camera when he surveyed the pumpkin-filled yard.)

He was so cute. He was shouting, "My pumpkins!!!! They grew!!! I just knew they would! I KNEW it!!!" He then did a happy dance outside in the rain and then "picked" the largest pumpkin and brought it inside for carving. He's been so pleased with himself and his pumpkins.

I'll admit, I had mixed feelings about doing this. One thing I value above all else is telling the truth. And this is clearly NOT the truth. I had planned to tell him right away that it was a hoax. But then when he was SO excited, I decided that I should wait to tell him the truth until after Halloween. And now I'm thinking that maybe I should wait to tell him until he's 10. Or maybe I'll tell him when he learns about life cycles in science class (like when he's in high school) and suddenly he remembers the Pumpkins and questions me about it.

See, this is why you should not lie because it just makes everything so darn complicated.

And then I talked to my sister today and told her the Pumpkin Story. She thought it was cute and that I was a good mom to do it. But THEN she tells me about Tori Spelling's book and how Tori HATES her mother and how one time, when Tori was a kid, she wanted to gather seashells on the beach. But there were no seashells. So her mom bought seashells and scattered them on the beach so Tori could find and collect them. And of course Tori says that her mother is the most manipulative mother in the world and how she (the mother) just had to try and control everything about Tori's life, right down to the seashells.

So I'm hoping this whole pumpkin thing won't send my son into therapy in a few years.

We're Ba-ack!

We're back! Not that we ever really left . . . but things have been busy around here so blogging has not been a priority. I could go on and on about babies and schedules and soccer and broken computers . . . but I'll spare you the details and just say that blogging will be more regular in the coming weeks. Soccer is ending and the baby is into a nice routine so hopefully I'll have more time to blog very soon.