Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuna Fish

My 4 year old started preschool yesterday. In preparation for going to school, I asked him to predict what he might have for snack on the first day. He answered, "Tuna fish. I know they are going to make me eat tuna fish!" He was not expecting to enjoy school so I guess eating tuna fish was the worst punishment a preschooler could think of. I promised him that he would NOT be given tuna fish. Much to his delight, he reported eating graham crackers and pretzels.

As we were walking down the hall towards his classroom on the first day, he said, "Mom, I am a little nervous." Except with his cute 4 year old voice it sounded like, "Mom. I am a widdle novus." Very cute. I assured him that all the kids were feeling nervous on the first day.

We entered the class and he found the cookie with his name on it (a laminated cookie) and placed it in the jar to indicate that he was present. Next we found his cubbie and then scanned the room for an activity. Right away he gravitated towards a large play garage that he was eyeing (up on a high shelf) at Sneak A Peek. But this time the garage, along with lots of cars and trucks, was on the floor so he started playing right away. We said our good-byes without tears.

When he came home he reported that "school wasn't scary" and that he got to play on the Big Playground. He also told me that he found his seat but couldn't sit down because another boy was sitting in his seat. "I knew it was my seat because I saw my name. I told him it was my seat but he said it was his. So I waited for my teacher to come over and she said it was my seat so I got to sit down when she took him to find his seat." I'm very proud of my little man for being so patient with the child sitting in his seat and for being so confident in recognizing his own name.

PS: He's dressing himself now . . . hence the Spiderman shirt with orange sweat pants. He assured me that he was "matching" because "I choose-ed Spiderman underpants because I thought that would be matching."


Kelly said...

Glad he had a great first the "matching"!

suzanneu said...

He is such a wonderful little boy! I am so proud of him for being patient with the child who was in his seat and also reading his own name and knowing it was his seat. And I am SO glad he didn't have to eat tuna fish on the first day. lol