Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random Pics

Just thought I'd post a few random pics so that you can see how big our Little Man is getting. He's 3 1/2 months old now, time is just flying by! He's holding his head up all the time and is starting to teethe and grab/hold toys.

He's a thumb-sucker!

I had always hoped to have a thumb-sucker. I know that probably sounds strange. But I was a thumb-sucker and assumed that at least one of my kids would be too. However, I ended up with blankie-lovers and binky-lovers instead. But now I have a thumb sucker!!! It's just so darn cute to watch him suck his thumb. For weeks he would get frustrated because when the thumb was in, he'd end up poking himself in the eye with his other fingers. He's much more coordinated now and has no problem finding the thumb or getting it in. (P.S. How cute are those little baby toes?!)

Gettin' Some Lovin'

As soon as the baby wakes up in the morning, he has a crowd of anxious kids just waiting to give him some loving. Poor baby just wants to nurse but sometimes I have to give in and let them love on him because you can tell it is just so very hard for them to wait. Recently my 6 year old asked if he could kiss the baby (while I was feeding him and the policy is that you have wait until he is finished nursing) and I said, "Not right now but you can when he's finished." My son was literally moving from foot-to-foot in an effort to not move forward and kiss the baby. He said, "PLEASE Mom! I haven't seen him all night and I really WANT to kiss him!" How could I say no to that? (Incidentally, this is my 4 year old son kissing him in the above pic.)

Mini Mommy

My 10 year old LOVES LOVES LOVES her baby brother. She loves to get him up from his nap and choose outfits for him. She loves to talk to him and make him smile; she carries him around as if she were his mother. She asks me everyday when he can start solids because she wants to learn to feed him. And he loves her too. He knows her voice and when he hears her he starts to kick his legs and will let out a squeal of excitement. So very rewarding.

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suzanneu said...

Oh my! These photos and stories are so so cute! They all are so blessed to be growing up in a household where there is so much love. :-D