Friday, September 4, 2009

Fly, Eagles, Fly!

My husband took the boys to their first-ever NFL game -- go Eagles! Of course I would have preferred them to see the Steelers but Pittsburgh is too far to go for a game.

They went to a pre-season game since they are less expensive and we weren't sure if they would want to stay for the whole game or not. The plan was for me to drive the boys to meet my husband after work, as he works close to the city. Then the three of them were going to go out to dinner and then to the game.

Except that my husband left the tickets at home. And by the time he realized it, I was already driving to drop the boys off with him. I am sure you are asking yourself why he didn't just call me on his cell phone? Well he did. But that is another story.

Our cell phone contract expired in July so rather than continue paying around $70/month for cell phone coverage, we ditched our plan in favor of a pre-paid plan. My cell phone died back in April so I had to get a whole new phone. But since I don't use the phone much (and since the economy tanked and we are living on less) I decided to go with a cheap, $20 pre-paid phone. Yep, it works. But can I hear it ringing? No. I have it in case I need to make an emergency phone call but it is pretty useless for incoming calls. Thus, I did not know that my husband was calling me on my cell to let me know that I needed to turn back and get the tickets.

So when I met him to drop-off the boys, he had to quick put them in his car and zoom home for the tickets. Fortunately, the tickets were right where he thought they would be BUT they didn't get to the game until the second quarter as a result of having to stop at home first. This means they had to eat dinner at the stadium. Which means two burgers and one hot dog cost more than my crappy cell phone. However, when I asked my 6 year old what his favorite part of the game was, he answered, "Eating a cheeseburger." Whew! Glad we spent big bucks on an NFL game just so he could enjoy a burger that we could have purchased at Wendy's for 99 cents.

The Best Part of the Game: The Burger!

I asked my 4 year old what he liked best and he said, "Just being there." Glad someone enjoyed the actual football part of it all.

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who did they play againist