Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camping (for real this time)

My boys have been asking to go camping and fishing and the weather cooled off a little bit last week so my husband decided to take the plunge, in spite of his sensitivity to mosquitoes. It was supposed to be a Boys Only trip but my oldest daughter really wanted to go too. There was only room in the tent for 4 people so my younger daughter had to stay home with me. She's wasn't interested in fishing or camping or hiking so she was actually happy to stay home. She was, however, upset to be missing s'mores around the campfire. Problem solved! I bought all the ingredients for s'mores and we made them in the kitchen, roasting the marshmallows over the stove. The ironic part is this: my daughter has a palate expander, thus she cannot eat sticky foods so she had to eat her s'mores without the marshmallow! She didn't seem to mind, but frankly, what's a s'more without the marshmallow?

My younger son's favorite part of the trip was building the fire. (He enjoyed the fishing as well.)

My older son's favorite part was fishing. He's mad to fish! He woke up at 6:30 the next morning for MORE fishing and has asked to go fishing every day since they came home. Unfortunately he did not catch anything but he got a couple nibbles on his line so he was content with his fishing experience.

My husband was a little bit grouchy when they got home and he realized how much work was involved in unpacking (and frustrated at packing it the first time and then unpacking again 24 hours later.) Welcome to my world. I always wonder (while packing for a trip) if the get-away is worth all the work involved. But fun was had by all and they managed to avoid being devoured by mosquitoes so maybe the camping trip will become an annual event?


Anonymous said...

Hey. Just wanted to tell you that my grandpa died Thursday. My dad's dad. He was 94 and really, really sick so it was a kind of blessing because he was so miserable. We were all there when he died, so I am glad the whole family was there with him. Miss you! Jen

suzanneu said...
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S. Braun said...

My hubby always says he barely has anything to pack, take along, etc.. Drives me crazy. Does he assume the life-savers such as juice boxes, snacks, change of clothes, sunscreen etc. are for ME??

Melissa said...

Rachel- Love these camping pics! As you know we are also campers, well at least one week out of the year. thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I just scrolled down and saw Lady- what a beautiful dog. I also took peek at your 3 monther- SO adorable!!! It looks like you have a great eye for photography too! Hang in there- I can't imagine adding one more to mt crew- like you. I'm sure it's a blast at your house (amongst the craziness!). Getting ready for my first day of school right now- ugh!