Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

My boys had their first ride in a hot-air balloon today! And I don't even have any pictures to commemorate the event!

We headed out for an evening walk and went towards the park; there was a music festival at the park today. My husband had already been to the festival with the boys (the girls are in NJ visiting my sister and I stayed home with the baby.) However, we headed back towards the park because the streets were blocked to traffic so we figured the boys could ride their bikes without having to watch for cars.

As we got closer to the park, we could see that there was a hot-air balloon in the open space, tethered to the surrounding trees. My 4 year old was awe-struck and was begging for a ride. It appeared that they were indeed giving rides so my husband went to investigate: $10/person. He only had a $20, but evenso, they let him ride with both boys for only $20. My husband motioned for them to come to the balloon and the boys went racing down the hill towards and happily climbed aboard. I stayed behind with Emma and the baby. Of course Emma wanted to go too and she was in attack-mode as the balloon fired-up (it's quite loud) and lifted off with her kids aboard.

Since the balloon was tethered it did not lift very high; but each time the balloon started to sink, the pilot would fire-up again and lift just a little more. The boys were smiling and waving and thanking us profusely on the way home.

Now if only I had an iPhone I could have been prepared and camera-ready!


suzanneu said...

Ooooo. I am jealous! I ALWAYS wanted to do that since my mom told me about when she was a kid, her Uncle Anthony, just back from WW1 took her on one of those hot air balloons from Kennywood! Only the tether BROKE and she and Uncle Anthony floated across the Mon and landed near the J&L mill. Meanwhile my GGrandfather Fisher watched helplessly as the balloon with his son and granddaughter floated up up and away. When he saw that they landed safely, he got in my grandfather's car and they went to pick them up, much relieved that they didn't get dumped in the Mon or crash upon landing.

suzanneu said...

Ohhh this is wonderful now that I have a google account that I can actually remember my password! Now I can comment on your posts! yayayay!

Please tell the guest blogger to get moving and post something! I LOVE this blog!

suzanneu said...

OH btw, my grandmother and grandfather and all the kids and relatives saw this happen. They were all at Kennywood celebrating Uncle A's return safely from WW1. My mom was about 6 at the time and idolized her uncles from the Fisher side, all of whom were in WW1.

Char said...
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