Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Trees Have Twigs

My children had their annual pediatrician (well visits) a couple weeks ago and it was discovered that my younger daughter needed glasses. (My oldest daughter already wears them for reading.) Apparently her vision is terrible. When I took her to the eye doctor, the doctor put the lines of text up on the wall and asked her to read the smallest line that she could see. She said, "I can't read any of them." So the doctor flips the screen to the next set of text -- much larger this time -- and again asks her to read the smallest line and again she says that she cannot read any of them. At this point I am feeling badly that the child is next-to-blind and am starting to wonder how this may have impacted her academic progress.

So the doctor flips the screen again and all that appears is a GIANT letter E, about 8 x 10 inches and my daughter happily shouts, "I see an E!" So now I am feeling TERRIBLE that she has been unable to see. How did I not know this? I mean I know I've been distracted with a new baby but you would think her teacher would have noticed? Or my daughter would have said something? But then I started to remember that she had an eye test at the pediatrician a year ago and passed with flying colors. And then I remembered that the school nurse also tests the kids each year and she passed that test as well. And I also recalled taking her to the eye doctor in December because she said her vision was blurry (but it was fine.) But I am still feeling bad for not realizing that my daughter's vision was 200/20.

When we got home, she was so excited to see (wearing her glasses of course) the twigs that connect the leaves to the branches of the tree. Yes, her eyesight was THAT poor!

My daughter LOVES her glasses and has spent a lot of time gazing at herself in the mirror. She is also coordinating her outfits around her newest fashion accessory. She bought a matching blue headband and created her own necklace at Beadniks that matches her glasses perfectly. She also took about 35 pictures of herself and her glasses. Then she had her older sister photograph her several times as she modeled. Humility is not one of her strengths.


S. Braun said...

I think they look great, too!

Katie said...

You look FANTASTIC!!!
See you soon :)

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing starts and telling my mom I liked her wallpaper when I got glasses...

You look adorable-

Michele Simmoneau said...

When I finally got contacts (I never wore my glasses b/c I hated them) I looked down the street and said out loud to my mom, oh the trees have individual leaves, they are not just round balls of green!!! Yeah, I was in the 9th grade... LOL
I think the glasses look great on her - tell her I too love her new fashion accessory!!!

suzanneu said...

SOOO cute!