Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

Last weekend there was a bike race here in West Chester. I keep waiting for the Guest Blogger to blog about the event but she is pretty busy these days . . . church camp and summer and all.

My husband and some of our neighbors took the kids uptown to participate in the Kid Criterium. (I stayed home with the baby, thus I have few, if any, details to contribute to this post.)

As you can see, each kid gets to wear an official number for the race. A few days after the race, I found my oldest daughter's number. She had written her name on the back in permanent marker and also this: Iron Hill Twilight Criterium July 2008. My last year because I will be too old. But I can watch though.

Too cute. I can't believe she will be TOO OLD to participate in a kids' bike race! Time is passing too quickly.

#943, my 4 year old, is extremely competitive with his older brother. This pic says it all. #843 is psyching himself up to beat his brother . . . meanwhile, #942 is completely oblivious and appears to be checking out a mosquito bite on his wrist.

Here they are sporting the obligatory "Smile For The Camera" pic.

The whole gang showing their medals.

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Katie said...

1 more week till we come see you guys!!!!!!!! See You Soon!!!!!!!!