Monday, June 8, 2009

So Much To Share

As you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic here in Langanland. Lots has been happening but I've not had a chance to blog about recent events.

First of all, some recent pics of the baby. Here is my middle son with the baby:

He is still very sleepy and when he's asleep, there is no rousing him. You can try -- but he just stays asleep. He was making the cutest little sleepy face, with his arms crossed. Just had to get a pic.

Here he is hanging out in his bouncy seat for some wake-time.

This baby blanket was a gift from my friend, Amy. She is a talented seamstress and made this blanket!!! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see that she added green stitching in the shape of stars to compliment the starfish on the fabric. I almost cried when I opened this -- I have never had anything monogrammed for any of my children -- and for baby #5 to have something that is ALL his OWN, not a hand-me-down, well that is pretty special.

My oldest son just turned 6. He has been saving his money for a Lego Coast Guard Headquarters Boat; but he was lucky enough to receive the boat as a gift from his grandparents. They took him to Target the night before his birthday (they were returning to Ireland ON his birthday) and let him choose his gift. Here he is the night before his birthday, looking longingly at the boat. He REALLY wanted to open it right away but it was bedtime so we made him wait until the next morning.

We celebrate a LOT of birthdays in May and June which means a LOT LOT LOT of cake. We were all caked-out by the time my son's birthday arrived so we opted for cupcakes instead (store bought of course -- no way do I have time to start baking!). Anyway, this is the ONLY pic I was able to take because the camera battery died on me. Not the best picture but at least I did get one photo.

My son also graduated from preschool recently. He is now ready to move up to Kindergarten!

That's all for now . . .


Kelly said...

Love your blog- what a adorable baby- I love that he stays asleep!

Anonymous said...

When are you coming home? I miss you guys and I wanna see that sweetie!