Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race thru the Dub C

Yesterday evening there was a 4 mile race thru our town that went right past our house. We had a great time outside cheering on the runners and hanging with the neighbors. Our next door neighbors pulled out their garden hose to provide a mist of water for the sweaty runners to pass through. My oldest took control of the hose:

For those of you who are asking yourselves, "What the heck does Dub C mean?" (I too used to wonder), the Urban Dictionary defines Dub C as the "ghetto name for West Chester PA" and "refers to West Chester, Pennsylvania, the one true West Chester, not to be mistaken for Westchester, NY, or any other Dub C wanna-bes out there."

So now you know!


Melissa said...

How fun! (And look how big Bec is getting :) it's like there's a baby in there!)

Anonymous said...

Was searching for dub c race results and came across your blog.. Thanks for cheering us on! Your daughter was great with the hose it was so refreshing to run through it.. Thanks again and hope to see you out cheering for us next year!

John Manion said...

As the race director, I cannot thank you enough for supporting the runners! We'll see you next year!!