Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Birthday in Langanland

Six of the seven Langans celebrate birthdays in May & June. We celebrated the last birthday today, whew! What a whirlwind -- birthdays, LOTS of cake, a birthday party and an actual birth! To make this birthday extra-special, today was the last day of school. What a great birthday present! My daughter does not usually get to be in school ON her birthday because school is usually over by June 18. However, since today was the last day AND her birthday, she asked her teacher if it would be ok if she brought in soft pretzels for the class. (There is a No Birthday policy at her school. You are not supposed to bring in snacks, only pencils or stickers to commemorate the occasion.) Her teacher said YES so my husband took her to the Soft Pretzel Factory around 7AM to get the goods. I think she had a really good birthday.

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Emma said...

Happy Brithday Ashling