Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Bath

The baby had his first bath today and he really enjoyed it! I expected him to fuss -- none of my other kids enjoyed their first time in the tubby -- but this guy did! I have been itching to give him a bath . . . he's only had sponge-baths up until today. You are not supposed to bathe them until their umbilical cord falls off and his FINALLY fell off today! I was starting to think it would never fall off. My older boys helped me bathe the baby and what great helpers they are!

In other news, I took the baby to the pediatrician yesterday for a weight-check and he has regained his birth weight so all is well in Langanland.


The Kerper Family said...

This is an adorable picture. He is such a good baby!! I see a lot of #4 in his face these days.

Kelly said...

Good job! you nursed him well...and with 4 other kids...the doctor must be amazed...He is sooo cute!