Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

By Guest Blogger

Today Michael Jackson died. At age 50! Today at 12 :21pm he was rushed to the hospital. It was a 6 minute drive. My mom really loved Michael Jackson when she was in high school. Here she is wearing her MJ pins from the 1980s.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sticky, Sweaty, Summer

Finally we have sunshine!

Uncle Dan is visiting for a few days so he has been taking the older kids to the park so that I can catch a nap while the baby is sleeping. When the gang arrived home today, they were sweaty after an hour at the park, followed by a one mile hike. Afterwards they went to Dairy Queen to cool off. Here's a picture of my sticky, sweaty 4 year old. He's looking very tired which means that he had a blast.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Birthday in Langanland

Six of the seven Langans celebrate birthdays in May & June. We celebrated the last birthday today, whew! What a whirlwind -- birthdays, LOTS of cake, a birthday party and an actual birth! To make this birthday extra-special, today was the last day of school. What a great birthday present! My daughter does not usually get to be in school ON her birthday because school is usually over by June 18. However, since today was the last day AND her birthday, she asked her teacher if it would be ok if she brought in soft pretzels for the class. (There is a No Birthday policy at her school. You are not supposed to bring in snacks, only pencils or stickers to commemorate the occasion.) Her teacher said YES so my husband took her to the Soft Pretzel Factory around 7AM to get the goods. I think she had a really good birthday.

Camping in the Boro

The kids are camping in Langanland!

Our yard is about the size of a postage stamp and thus is not big enough to accommodate our tent (which is not very big at all). This means that when we camp, we camp INSIDE the house. (Not to mention all the rain we've had would make outdoor camping pretty miserable).

So we got this great idea last night: allow the kids to "camp" in the playroom to celebrate the end of school. But first we told them that they had to clean-up the playroom (yay!) Another benefit? It's new and exciting and has helped to keep them occupied for the last 24 hours. Lots of rain + no outside play = extremely energetic children.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. One of the kids messed with the settings on the camera and I can't figure out how to get it to stop blurring. (It's not like I have a lot of time on my hands to sit around and test all the settings.)

I'm including this picture because it shows Emma darting out of the tent. Of course it is new and fun for her too and wherever the kids play is where Emma spends her time. She was all cuddled up in the tent with them but came darting out when she realized I was taking photos and talking to the kids.

In fact, Emma got SO engrossed in simulated camping that she decided to pee in the tent, as if she were outdoors. Yep, that's right. We were all upstairs brushing teeth and Emma went into the tent and (fortunately) peed on a sleeping bag (rather than on the tent itself).

Monday, June 15, 2009

No News

No news to report on but thought I'd share a couple pictures.

I'm not sure who took this picture . . . but something was wrong with the camera (and still is) that causes it to take blurry photos. This photo is a complete accident but I think it looks pretty cool and could even be intentional (if I didn't know better).

Here's a pic of the littlest man. He is doing really well. He's very content and is starting to be more predictable in his routine. He is a dream so far. He goes to bed at 9:00pm and wakes up between 6:30-7:00am. He nurses 3 or 4 times throughout the night but he goes right back to sleep as soon as he's finished so I'm actually getting a decent amount of sleep at night (although not continuous sleep, but still!)

School ends Friday so stay-tuned to keep up with our summer adventures!

Four Year Olds Are So Much Fun

My four year old has been in a playful, dress-up mood lately:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I used to think I was crafty but . . .

my friends are putting me to shame!

First there was the baby blanket from Amy and now there is this fantastic needlepoint from Bec!

She hand-crafted this needlepoint of the baby's first and middle name. (The first name is intentionally blurred but middle name is visible so you can see the fun colors and funky font she used).

I no longer consider myself crafty but am glad to have friends who will share their craftiness by making gifts for me!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race thru the Dub C

Yesterday evening there was a 4 mile race thru our town that went right past our house. We had a great time outside cheering on the runners and hanging with the neighbors. Our next door neighbors pulled out their garden hose to provide a mist of water for the sweaty runners to pass through. My oldest took control of the hose:

For those of you who are asking yourselves, "What the heck does Dub C mean?" (I too used to wonder), the Urban Dictionary defines Dub C as the "ghetto name for West Chester PA" and "refers to West Chester, Pennsylvania, the one true West Chester, not to be mistaken for Westchester, NY, or any other Dub C wanna-bes out there."

So now you know!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Bath

The baby had his first bath today and he really enjoyed it! I expected him to fuss -- none of my other kids enjoyed their first time in the tubby -- but this guy did! I have been itching to give him a bath . . . he's only had sponge-baths up until today. You are not supposed to bathe them until their umbilical cord falls off and his FINALLY fell off today! I was starting to think it would never fall off. My older boys helped me bathe the baby and what great helpers they are!

In other news, I took the baby to the pediatrician yesterday for a weight-check and he has regained his birth weight so all is well in Langanland.

Monday, June 8, 2009

So Much To Share

As you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic here in Langanland. Lots has been happening but I've not had a chance to blog about recent events.

First of all, some recent pics of the baby. Here is my middle son with the baby:

He is still very sleepy and when he's asleep, there is no rousing him. You can try -- but he just stays asleep. He was making the cutest little sleepy face, with his arms crossed. Just had to get a pic.

Here he is hanging out in his bouncy seat for some wake-time.

This baby blanket was a gift from my friend, Amy. She is a talented seamstress and made this blanket!!! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see that she added green stitching in the shape of stars to compliment the starfish on the fabric. I almost cried when I opened this -- I have never had anything monogrammed for any of my children -- and for baby #5 to have something that is ALL his OWN, not a hand-me-down, well that is pretty special.

My oldest son just turned 6. He has been saving his money for a Lego Coast Guard Headquarters Boat; but he was lucky enough to receive the boat as a gift from his grandparents. They took him to Target the night before his birthday (they were returning to Ireland ON his birthday) and let him choose his gift. Here he is the night before his birthday, looking longingly at the boat. He REALLY wanted to open it right away but it was bedtime so we made him wait until the next morning.

We celebrate a LOT of birthdays in May and June which means a LOT LOT LOT of cake. We were all caked-out by the time my son's birthday arrived so we opted for cupcakes instead (store bought of course -- no way do I have time to start baking!). Anyway, this is the ONLY pic I was able to take because the camera battery died on me. Not the best picture but at least I did get one photo.

My son also graduated from preschool recently. He is now ready to move up to Kindergarten!

That's all for now . . .