Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It was my father-in-law, not my husband and kids who let Crazy Chick into my house. I am getting more angry by the moment and wish that I had REALLY unleashed on her.

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Anonymous said...

If you only lived in NH!
Love, Kelly

SALEM, N.H. -- Nine people were arrested Wednesday after several Salem residents complained of aggressive and rude magazine salesmen.

Police said they investigated the door-to-door solicitors and found that they didn't have required peddlers licenses from the state and hadn't registered with the town or Police Department.

Officials said the arrests were complicated because none of the people had positive identification on them. Those arrested were from different parts of the country, some from as close as Lowell, Mass., and others from as far away as Long Beach, Calif.

William Freeman, 29, of Detroit, was arrested on a warrant out of Portsmouth, N.H., charging him with making false reports to police and ordered held on $250 cash bail. Keyinna Jones, 20, of Baltimore, was ordered held pending arraignment and positive identification.

The other seven people arrested were released pending arraignment.