Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still Waiting . . .

D Day Plus 8

Yes, the baby is 8 days overdue at this point. Am I surprised? Not really. All my babies have been late. I am starting to get annoyed though. Once you get to a week overdue, healthcare providers start getting a little nervous and ordering tests and you find yourself sitting through tests and appointments while trying to juggle the bus stop and preschool and 2 little energetic boys who really are not interested in going to any appointments at all, let alone multiple appointments in one day . . . appointments that last a LONG time.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check the level of amniotic fluid. I got to the appointment and the tech was giving me a little bit of a hard time because she could not find my records and did not recognize my doctor's name on the script. I told her that I plan to deliver at a birth center with a midwife. Then she wants to know where I had my last ultrasound so I told her at Paoli Hospital and she launches into her holier-than-thou speech:

"WELL. We are NOT part of the Mainline Health System. WE are CHESTER COUNTY, which is it's OWN system. We have to treat you as if you just walked in off the street without ever having any prenatal care at all." Whatever, lady. Then she tells me that to check the fluid level would only take a few minutes but because they don't have my previous ultrasound, they have to treat me like a person from the streets, thus she has to check ALL the indicators: lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, fingers, toes, etc. so it was going to take about 45 minutes. Lovely. She made sure she commented several more times about how she couldn't even tell if what she was seeing was accurate because she couldn't compare it to my previous ultrasound because I had it at a different hospital. (Does she think she is doing a good job of selling me on coming to HER hospital in the future? Because she wasn't.)

I have had MANY MANY ultrasounds throughout the course of 5 pregnancies. The tech ALWAYS asks if you want to know the gender of the baby. But Bev (I've never liked that name and REALLY dislike it now!) didn't ask me, which I thought was odd. I really should have acted upon my thoughts and been proactive and told her I did NOT want to know the gender because she says, "Oh . . . it looks like its a little ____________." and tells me the gender!!! THANKS A LOT LADY. I've gone 41 weeks NOT knowing and you spoil it all. When it became clear to her that I had not previously known, she tried to back-pedal by saying, "Well, maybe I'm wrong . . . " OK. Whatever. I am just disappointed at having it spoiled in this way. I am pretty sure this is my last baby and I have an image in my head of birthing my child and holding him or her and exclaiming with excitement when I look and see if its a girl or boy. Now that is not going to happen. Not to mention that I do natural childbirth and feel every contraction and it gets to a point where you REALLY don't want to do it anymore so pushing. You need an incentive to keep going and thinking about who is going to pop out gives me extra motivation to get the job done. But now I know the gender so I'll have to figure out some other strategy for those last few minutes of labor.

Anyway, Bev finally let me go home. But when I got home the midwife called and said my fluid level was on the low side of normal. She told me to stay well hydrated this weekend and said I will have to repeat the test on Monday. And I have to repeat the fetal heart-rate test on Monday. And have another birth center appointment on Monday. And if any of these tests or appointments show that the baby is in distress then I will be headed for induction. And I don't like being induced. And if I'm still pregnant on Thursday then I am going to be induced regardless as I will be 42 weeks pregnant on Friday. And if I have to be induced then I cannot have a waterbirth and will have to give birth at the hospital with doctors I've never met.

So the waiting continues.

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Anonymous said...

Would you just have this kid? I am checking your blog like every 26 seconds. I can't wait to find out about your new little one, but I suspect you are a bit more impatient than I am at this point. :) Jen