Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reading Phillies

My husband took the kids to see the Reading Phillies last night. They went with our church group and they had a GREAT time. My 4 year old son got a baseball -- the highlight of the evening! He was so proud and when he got home he told me:

"Mom. A REAL babeball guy gave this to me! This is going to be my first trophy."

See how proud he is?

Here's my oldest son wearing his Philadelphia Philies shirt (which he wore to the Reading Phillies game). He just got this shirt for his 6th birthday. It's a Ryan Howard shirt -- with a number 6 on the back, perfect for a boy who is turning 6!

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Emma said...

I caught a ball at blue rocks game by a foul by the other team. Owen lucky in 2 ways because a real baseball player throw it to him and Reading Philly hit it and he is fourtane Philadephila Philly