Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ok, I just have to blog about this.

I'm in bed, trying to nap. It's nearly 6pm and I'm in my pajamas. Someone comes to the door. She tells my husband and kids that she is our neighbor on the next block and asks to see me. They don't know her, but assume that I do. So she comes upstairs. And she starts her sales pitch. I am NOT kidding. She is trying to sell me children's books to raise money for a trip to London. I stop her and tell her NO. And she's like, "Can't you do ANYTHING? Something? Like if you don't want the books, get them and donate them to a hospital or something." I can't remember what I said verbatim because I was pretty angry that this chick sees that we have an It's A Boy flag outside and decides I'm fodder for her sales pitch, but I told her I JUST gave birth, can't deal with her, haven't even left my room (which is not totally true, I did go to the pediatrician today) and that I did not appreciate her barging into my home.

She was like, "Oh. Ok." Shrugs her shoulders and turns around to leave.

I sent my daughter down behind her just to make sure Crazy Chick actually left the house.

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S. Braun said...

I thought you LOVE living in the borough?! That had to be annoying, but the story is hilarious!