Friday, April 17, 2009

D Day

D-Day is fast approaching! 3 weeks from today baby Langan is scheduled to make his/her appearance. But as I mentioned previously, all of my babies have arrived late (very late) so I don't really expect to have the baby for another 4 weeks. Which would work out very well because we just scheduled surgery for my oldest for May 4 (due date for baby is May 8) so now I NEED the baby to NOT arrive early! (The surgery is because she got tubes put in her ears 3.5 years ago but still has holes in her ear drums. The doctor needs to go in and patch the holes. A fairly quick and simple surgery.)

In other news, the kids were on spring break last week so we took a day trip to the Hands-on House in Lancaster. For those of you who watch Jon & Kate + 8, you may remember that they took a trip to the Hands-on House last winter when they took Joel (at least I think it was Joel) there for a day out with his mom and dad.

The Hands-On House was GREAT! Small, but they pack a lot of activities into the space and although it was crowded, the kids still had a great time. I took a few photos of the kids painting their faces, which was one of their favorite activities from our time at the HOH.

My 5 year old painting his face. He didn't want ANY help. He actually did a really good job but as soon as he was finished he wanted to wash his face.

My 7 year old and her work of art.

My oldest painting her youngest brother's face.

The girls painting their own faces.

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