Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

D Day

D-Day is fast approaching! 3 weeks from today baby Langan is scheduled to make his/her appearance. But as I mentioned previously, all of my babies have arrived late (very late) so I don't really expect to have the baby for another 4 weeks. Which would work out very well because we just scheduled surgery for my oldest for May 4 (due date for baby is May 8) so now I NEED the baby to NOT arrive early! (The surgery is because she got tubes put in her ears 3.5 years ago but still has holes in her ear drums. The doctor needs to go in and patch the holes. A fairly quick and simple surgery.)

In other news, the kids were on spring break last week so we took a day trip to the Hands-on House in Lancaster. For those of you who watch Jon & Kate + 8, you may remember that they took a trip to the Hands-on House last winter when they took Joel (at least I think it was Joel) there for a day out with his mom and dad.

The Hands-On House was GREAT! Small, but they pack a lot of activities into the space and although it was crowded, the kids still had a great time. I took a few photos of the kids painting their faces, which was one of their favorite activities from our time at the HOH.

My 5 year old painting his face. He didn't want ANY help. He actually did a really good job but as soon as he was finished he wanted to wash his face.

My 7 year old and her work of art.

My oldest painting her youngest brother's face.

The girls painting their own faces.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Expander

By Guest Blogger

Today I got my Expander out! I had it for ten months. But I have to wear my bottom expander at night. I got a big cup full of candy from the orthodontist! Now that it is out it feels weird on the roof of my mouth.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


By:Guest Blogger

Yesterday we got a little bit of Snow in spring! But once it hit the ground it melted. Yeah! P.S i don't like winter or spring. But I love summer.

Webkinz Show

By: Guest Blogger

Today me, my sister and her friend had a Webkinz Show!: )
So we did flips, throwing the Webkinz on the trampoline (all with our Webkinz). We had a BLAST!

So Sweet

by Guest Blogger

Lady is so sweet. She always barks and it drives my mom nuts! When it comes to taking pictures, it is a lot easier to take pictures of Lady than Emma.

5 Arms

My 3 year old (soon to be 4!) was talking to me today about my arms. He thinks that 2 arms are not enough for 5 kids. He said he thinks I should get some Arm Seeds and dig holes under my arms and put the seeds in. And then maybe I will grow some more arms, enough for 5 kids.

He is such a riot, I love his view of the world!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Emma's Haircut

Today Emma got her 2nd haircut. Now that she got her hair cut, she looks like a Westie!

Guest Blogger

My oldest daughter has been complaining that I am not updating the blog frequently enough. So she is going to take-over as the Guest Blogger, at least for a little while. (We'll see how long she remains interested!) She has said she will "take over" after the baby arrives -- when I REALLY won't have time to blog! So this will be her trial run.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Face Painting

One of my neighbors has a mural-painting business. She is adding face painting to her list of services so she invited the neighborhood kids over for some face painting so that she could get some sample faces/photographs for her website. (Her website is not updated yet so for now I will post the pictures and will add the website later.)




Heart & Flower
My oldest was not interested in having paint cover her whole face, she was concerned that it would not wash off properly and that she'd have to go to school the next day with traces of paint on her face. I guess she is getting to an age where she is more concerned about her looks. Thus, she chose a more conservative motif: