Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day

Today started out as a 2 hour delay but quickly turned into a snow day. What could be better?!

As it turns out, the roads were fine by lunchtime so we headed over to our friends' house to sled. (We have a small yard and a flat neighborhood so we always have to drive somewhere to go sledding, or sled-riding as it was called when I was growing up in Pittsburgh.) Of course I did not sled, being 6 months pregnant, but here are a few pics from the adventure.

Here's my youngest getting ready to go down the hill. My oldest is next to him, giving him a pep talk before he goes. Our friend is behind him, ready to give him a push.

I'm including this next pic because it is the only pregnancy photo that has been taken thus far. Some people have asked for preggo pics, so here you go. (I know, it is probably not quite what you were looking for but it's all I have.)

Here's a pic of the whole gang:


S. Braun said...

I would have taken a nice profile shot of you if I had known you didn't have any pictures of this pregnancy yet!! I don't have any decent pregnancy pics of my last pregnancy which I really regret..

Anonymous said...

These pics are so cute==they sort of have a timeless quality to them.