Monday, February 9, 2009

Run Away

This morning as we were heading out the door for school, my 5 year old decided that he was going to wash his crocs.  (Apparently they had gotten muddy yesterday.)  So he douses them with water and then started to have a freak-out when I said he couldn't wear them to school because they were wet.  I put his sneakers on him instead.  He HATES his sneakers and never wants to go to school on gym day, just because he doesn't like wearing his sneakers.  (In reality, he only likes crocs, nothing else will do.)  I tried to explain to him WHY he couldn't wear them but it didn't matter, he threw himself down on the ground and clung to the railing on the steps and refused to get in the car.  So I had to drag him to the car.  He continued to wail all the way to school.  I was tired of the antics so I informed him that he would not get to watch tv today as a punishment for his behavior.  This announcement caused him to cry even more.  I told him that "from now on" he will not get tv if he cries in the morning.  (He cries almost every morning.  If its not the sneakers then it is the socks or the pants or his shirt or his undershirt.  I'm not joking.)  Anyway, he pulled himself together by the time we arrived at school.

However, on the way home from school today, he asked me if he could watch tv and I reminded him of his morning behavior.  I guess maybe he thought I had forgotten or was hoping I'd changed my mind.  So after thinking about missing tv for a day, he announced:  "Tomorrow I am going to run away."  And I was like, oh really?  Why?  He said he wants to run away to a family where the mom is nicer than I am and will let him watch as much tv as he wants.  So I suggested that he run away to my parents' house.  Afterall, Grampy watches LOTS of tv and would probably let him watch tv all day.  So he thought quietly for a couple minutes (I truly think he was contemplating running away to his grandparents) and then said, "I don't think I want to run away to Grammy & Grampy's house because I would be homesick there."

A-ha!  So he admits that life is not so bad in Langanland afterall!

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suzanneu2 said...

awwww, the dear little fellow! He was SO good at our house last summer, but I sensed that he was a bit homesick. He would miss his mom, dad and sibs too much to run away. It is times like this that I wish we lived in WC. He could come for a day and watch tv with his Grampy while Grammy baked choc chip cookies for them to munch on!