Sunday, February 1, 2009


Emma has been with us for 7 months now and I think she is FINALLY, well almost, housebroken. I'm happy to report that she has had only 3 accidents in the month of January. Compare that with 15 in December, 12 in November and 23 in October!

She is finally letting me know when she needs to go outside and most of the time I stand at the window and watch her so that I can reward her with a treat as soon as she goes. My husband thinks this is overkill but I think its working beautifully and I don't plan to change course now!

An update on the patient:

He is doing very well. He went to church today (the first time he's been dressed in 4 days) and he stopped taking his Rx painkiller on Friday. Most of the time he does not even need Tylenol so I think he is doing very well. He'll be back at school tomorrow and life will be back to normal.

And just for fun, here are some pics of the Langan house in the winter:

This is the warmest spot in the house. Every morning the first person (or dog) awake gets the prime spot right in front of the heater. On this morning, Emma happened to get there first so the kids had to settle for a back-row seat. (Most mornings there are 3+ kids and one dog all vying for the spot.)

This is Emma's favorite place to nap during the day.

Lady spends her days in front of the heating vent that is adjacent to her dog bed. She has become quite fond of laying there for HOURS and I do mean HOURS. The dog hardly moves these days. But then again, she is almost 14 years old. When I'm 98 (14 dog years x 7 human years) I might want to lay around all day next to the heater too.

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