Thursday, February 5, 2009

Loving Lady

My 3 year old is completely enamored with our golden retriever these days. He spends LOTS of time "loving Lady". And I mean LOTS of time, probably about an hour a day. He just lays on her and hugs her and kisses her and cuddles her. He cannot get enough of her right now.

I can always tell when he's been "loving Lady" because he is COVERED in hair and I do mean covered. The kid is going through 3 outfits/day because he spends so much time with Lady that he has enough dog hair on him to cover a small mammal. He likes to spend time with Lady on the sly; if I walk into the room he will immediately run away from her. If I ask him about it he will say, "STOP! Don't SAY that!" I'm not sure why he is shy about it, we all try to tell him that it is good for Lady because she needs loves.

What is not good is the amount of dog hair that my son manages to transfer from Lady to me, to the furniture, the carpets, etc. Oh, and did I mention that he SMELLS like a dog? Oh yes. For HOURS afterwards. Even after he changes his clothes.

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suzanneu2 said...

Maybe that's part of the mystique! Maybe he likes smelling like a dog! Little boys can be funny that way. They think being dirty and sticky and stinky is kewl. :-)

He is a dear little boy, and it is so sweet that he loves Lady so much. That dog fell into a gold mine of love when she came to live at the Langan's.