Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Everyone in Langanland had a very good Valentine's Day!

The morning started with a sleep-in for me and my husband.  Normally the kids are up at 7AM but the boys were at our neighbor's house for a sleepover; the girls were happy to entertain themselves while we got some extra sleep.  I rarely sleep-in but figured I might as well . . . once the baby arrives, I won't be able to sleep-in for at least 2 years.

Our morning started at 8:30AM when the girls wanted us to get up because they were hungry.  Yes, they are capable of getting themselves breakfast but my husband made pancakes every Saturday morning and today was no exception.  However, today the girls used heart-shaped cookie cutters to shape the pancakes.

After breakfast, my husband took the girls into town -- which seemed a bit odd to me at the time -- but I was not interested in going out in the cold and decided that some quiet time (the boys were still at the neighbor's) with a cup of coffee would be a treat.  No sooner had I settled on the couch with my coffee mug when they came back from town -- with a huge bouquet of fresh tulips!  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and I definitely was not expecting a gift this Valentine's Day as we are working on a tight budget (but isn't everyone, in this economy?)

Then a flurry of activity:  the boys came home, my younger daughter left for a birthday party (an American Girl tea party) and I took my oldest daughter to cheer at a basketball game.

When we got home from the game, I had just enough time to take a nap (I love naps!) before we headed out to dinner -- without kids!  A local church was sponsoring a Parents Night Out in an effort to raise money for their puppet team to travel to a regional competition.  We only had to pay $25 for all four kids to be there for four hours!!  (We usually pay a sitter $15/hour so you can imagine why we were so eager to take advantage of this deal.)  They fed the kids dinner, provided a craft, games, movie and puppet show.  We dropped the kids off at 5PM and headed out to dinner ALONE.  I brought our list of baby names as well as a baby name book and we were able to come up with a boy's name and also eliminated some girls' names from our list.  After dinner we went shopping and ended up buying a few Christmas presents.  Yes, Christmas presents.  I know its only February but we found some great deals and decided to buy early.

The kids had a lot of fun tonight and we enjoyed our Date Night.  This is the best Valentine's Day I've had in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow--what a nice, productive day. And a nice surprise to get the tulips! Add in the sleeping in, the nap, some alone time in the morning and the night out, and it sounds perfect! I'm anxious to hear the name!!! We have yet to have our baby name "summit," but need to schedule one.