Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going Batty

Ok, so I'm sitting here at the computer and had just finished typing the previous blog entry . . . when I noticed a shadow in the window . . . so I look up and there is a doggone bat flying around the room!  Of course I start screaming like a banshee, and I do mean SCREAMING.  Everyone was in the basement, filling the pool with water so I knew my husband wouldn't hear me unless I was screaming loud enough to shatter glass.  Honestly, I was screaming out of fear, I hate those darn bats.  

Here's the thing.  As soon as I saw that it was going to be 50+ degrees today, I knew the bats might stir and that we might have an unwelcome visitor tonight.  As a result, I decided against taking a nice, hot bath in my clawfoot bathtub because the tub is on the 3rd floor (presumably where the bats enter the house from the attic, although I'm not sure about this) and I did not want my relaxing bath interrupted by a bat.  

Something has gotta give.  I CANNOT keep living like this.


The Kerper Family said...

You SO called that yesterday!!!! Okay...deep breaths...please don't move.

suzanneu2 said...

ooooo I don't blame you. I hate bats too! I don't mind them outside but NOT in the house.

Your Dad says it will be awhile till we come to visit. He feels about sleeping on the 3rd floor the way you feel about taking a bath in the tub on the 3rd floor with bats in the house.