Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big Brudder

My littlest guy is SO VERY EXCITED about becoming a Big Brother (or Brudder, as he pronounces it).  He kisses my belly daily and keeps the baby updated on life in Langanland.  He'll hug my belly say things like, "Baby, it's snowing outside!"  Or "Baby, you are going to have some chicken for dinner tonight."  Sometimes he whispers to the baby and won't tell me what secrets they're sharing.

He is constantly helping me plan for the baby.  One day he came to me and said, "Mom, make sure you get baby wash for the baby so the baby can take a bath but get the kind that won't hurt the baby's eyes."  He also wants to know how many blankets we have because he knows that babies need baby blankets.  

He watches Baby Story with his sister and has prepared me on what to expect after the baby is born:  "The baby will come out all messy and then someone will hand the baby to you and you get to hold it, mom!"  I have a book that shows a baby's development from the moment of conception through birth.  My son loves this book and always wants to know which picture is most like our baby.  One day he was looking through the book and saw the birth pictures.  He brought the book to me and said, "Mom!  Do you KNOW that when the baby is born, it is going to come out of your PEEPER????"  (As if I didn't know, but it was so cute that he was so surprised by this.)  Then he looks at the picture again and says, "Wait a minute.  Or maybe it comes out of your bum?"

I think he thinks that becoming a Big Brudder is a rite of passage that will be his ticket to everything that is currently off limits.  He was eyeing his sisters' Valentines and candy that they received at school and said, "When I am a big brudder, I will get to go to school and get Valentine candy too!"  And then today he said, "When I am a big brudder, I will get to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad!"  (He was desperate to go on TMR at Disney but was too short.  They gave him a pass so that when he is tall enough, he can walk to the front of the line and get on without waiting.  He keeps reminding me of this.  I think he thinks that as soon as the baby is born, viola! He will be tall and big and privy to things that he is currently too young or too small to do.)  

He is also looking forward to teaching the baby how to play sports.  I am trying to break it to him that babies pretty much just lay around for the first while, unable to play sports.  He really, really, really wants a baby brother.  He has informed me that he "only likes boy babies".  I have told him that the baby might be a girl.  He has finally resigned himself to this fact and said with defeat in his voice, "I will love the baby, even if it is a gwill."  (He says gwill instead of girl.)

In other news, my 5 year old decided on Sunday that he was definitely going to run away.  So he told my husband before he left that he was running away to the garage.  He took his coat with him (at least he plans ahead) and went out to the garage and had a good cry.  He came back inside a while later.  He warmed up a bit and then asked me if I had changed my mind about his punishment.  I said, "Nope.  You're still not allowed to go swimming."  So he headed back out to the garage again.  After a few minutes my husband went to check on him.  Apparently he was just sitting in one of the strollers, quietly thinking.  He came back inside with my husband and has not threatened to run away again.

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S. Braun said...

You little one is just too sweet!! I think my younger one would be like that,too. They're both snugglers and have a big heart!