Monday, February 2, 2009

Add Coconut to the List

You can now add coconut to the list of nuts my husband is allergic to.

He ate a couple Girl Scout Cookies last night, the ones that are short-bread covered in chocolate, coconut and caramel, called Caramel Delights. He did not have a full-blown attack like last time, but his allergies were bothering him. Darn! I LOVE coconut, as well as other nuts, and am finding that I have to change my cooking/baking habits so that he doesn't have a reaction. This is harder than I thought it would be.

He visited the allergist and found out that he is allergic to almonds, which means he is allergic to ALL tree nuts, as well as apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and prunes. All of the "pit" fruits are related to tree nuts in some way. (I know, it seems a little weird to me too.) He has a sensitivity to soy, which means that although he is not allergic to peanuts, he may develop an allergy or sensitivity to them since they are closely related to soy (in that they are both grown in the ground rather than on trees.)

I guess I won't have to share my coconut cream pie ice cream anymore.


Lilah and Rhys' Mom said...

Ahhh! Caramel Delights! Yummy, I'm on my second box. And coconut creme pie is my favorite. Sorry for your Hubby that he's allergic but it woul dbe good news for me too- I'd have less to share if it were MY husband!

Anonymous said...

Callan is allergic to fruits too... never had a reaction to nuts, but apples, grapes, peaches and something else he remembers but I never do... the dr.told us that is is the cross pollination between the fruits and other plants he is allergic to... I find it very strange. Now, he can eat canned/frozen versions of those foods because the pollens apparently aren't a problem after they are cooked/frozen.

Tyler is allergic to all tree nuts... watch carefully because we were at a party once and there was a bag of doritos and a bowl of cashews. People who had eaten cashews then touched the doritos, and then Ty ate the doritos and had a major reaction. So don't even let him eat foods that come into contact with nuts... if that makes sense.

Nuts are a tough one... especially if he does develop an allergy to peanuts! Tyler is not allergic to peanuts thank goodness! Just really keep an eye on Mark if there are even nuts in the vicinity.

The Kerper Family said...

No Caramel Delights?!?! What kind of future is there without the deliciousness of Caramel Delights??