Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Dads are More Fun

My husband was cleaning out the basement and brought up a giant cardboard box for the kids to play with. Of course this is the most popular "toy" in the house at the moment.

The kids got together this afternoon and decided to fill it with "stuff" and then send it flying down the stairs. It made a crazy "zipping" noise as it zipped down the wooden stairs, which delighted them. I wasn't sure this was such a good idea so I said something to my husband about them sending it flying down the steps. He asked if there were kids in it or if it was empty. I said, "Well, there is stuff in it, but I don't think there are any kids in it." I thought he was asking me this out of concern for their welfare. WRONG! He replies, "Well this could get interesting if there was someone riding in it!"

The next thing I know, he is sending my oldest daughter sliding down the steps in the box! It was going CRAZY FAST, and I mean FAST! The box hit the floor at the bottom of the steps and my daughter catapulted out of the box and flew about 2 feet and landed on our golden retriever (fortunately for both of them, Lady outweighs my daughter by about 50 pounds.) The kids cheered and thought it was the most exciting thing EVER and they were all clamoring to be next. THANKFULLY my husband came to his senses and decided that it wasn't such a safe activity so he banned them from riding in the box. Whew!

I never would have let them try it in the first place, which is why dads are definitely more fun than moms.

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