Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update: The Patient

My 5 year old had his surgery today: ear tubes inserted and adenoids removed. He is doing well. The whole surgical experience took about 3 hours from arrival to discharge. The poor little guy was very groggy afterwards, and still is. He is taking it all in stride though. He was very pleased to be able to have popsicles for breakfast today (no food allowed prior to surgery) and seems pretty happy that he gets to eat unlimited popsicles for the next few days. He is laying on the couch now watching a movie with his siblings (snow day today) and saw them eating popcorn and asked for some! The nurse said that kids are often hungry after adenoid surgery and she said he could eat whatever he wanted . . . so he tried the popcorn (he is still on Rx painkillers) and decided that he would stick with the popsicles for now. He will be homebound until Sunday or Monday, maybe longer, depending on how he heals. I'm going to take this (homebound) opportunity to get some things organized, especially baby clothing and getting the nursery in order.

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Anonymous said...

So glad he is ok!!!