Monday, September 22, 2008


So much to blog about, so many things have been happening, so little time to blog! I promise I will be better about posting more regularly once October arrives.

In the meantime, I'm headed to Florida tomorrow!!! Yippee!! My husband has to go for work so I am tagging along for fun. My dear sister has offered to stay at our house and take care of our kids (4 of ours, plus one of her own) and our dogs (including the puppy, plus my sister's 2 dogs). I am grateful for the offer and feel badly at the same time because I know she is going to be exhausted just trying to get everyone's hair and teeth brushed daily.

I just bought 2 new books to read while I'm away (in addition to the 5 or so that I'm already sort-of reading) and I cannot wait to lay by the pool and/or the ocean without having to worry about someone drowning!! I plan to read and nap all day long. With a trip to the spa here and there. Oh, and probably a trip to the gym and run on the beach. Pure luxury (not the exercise part, the other parts.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dirty Dog

My boys thought it would be fun to turn the hose on Emma. She thought it was lots of fun too -- once she was soaked she ran to her favorite digging spot and started digging up a storm. Thus the title, Dirty Dog.

But after a bath and brushing, she is sparkling!

It appears that poor little Emma is suffering from IBD, otherwise known as Irritable Bowel Disease. I won't get into the details (trust me) but based on her recurring and worsening symptoms, the vet believes it is IBD. So she is on medication (which really helps) while we try to switch her diet to a new protein source (herring) and no wheat. Who knew this could be so complicated??? Hopefully we can get this under control because when she suffers bouts with IBD, the house-breaking goes right out the window (actually, it goes right onto the floor.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The OTHER Drama Queen

Now I know where she gets it. Because she doesn't get it from me, at least that is what I like to think.

She gets it from her grandmother. My mother.

She called yesterday and it went something like this:

"Rachel. There is something I need to talk to you about and it's not very pleasant. But it needs to be addressed so I am just going to tell you."

My heart was pounding and I was expecting her to say that my dad had cancer; or that their dog (who used to be my dog) had died; or that I was switched at birth and my real family has come forward because they need one of my kidneys. My mouth was dry and the room started to spin and it felt like forever before she spoke again.

And she started to tell me about someone she knows who has bats. Yes, bats. All this drama over BATS. Now don't get me wrong, I get pretty hysterical when there are bats flying around my head and my house. But since she set-up the conversation in such a way that I thought death was imminent for someone in our family . . . well bats are nothing in comparison. I had a hard time listening for a minute, still thinking she was going to give me some fatal news; but she didn't. She went on to tell me that this person she knows also has bedbugs, apparently bedbugs are common when there are bats living in the house. I assured her that we do NOT have bedbugs and that the bat situation is being remediated.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Photos

Today is the first day of school. Sigh. I am always so sad when summer comes to an end.

My girls started school today, my 5 year old starts PreK on Thursday and my 3 year old will stay home with me while everyone else is at school.

The girls are in 2nd and 4th grade. They go to a great school and both have a friend or two in their classes and both of their teachers seem nice (we met them last week at Sneak A Peek) so I think they will be off to a good start.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Touch A Truck Day

Our neighbor took my boys and her son to Touch A Truck Day last week. They had a great time. My 5 year old son's "favorite thing" was seeing the boy with the artificial leg. It really piqued his curiosity and Bec (neighbor) said my son kept trying to touch the boy's leg when they were in the truck. He was fascinated by the leg and asked questions all the way home about why he needed the leg, how the doctor put the leg on, how the leg works, etc. Who knew it would end up as "touch a leg day"?

Artificial Leg

Dutch Wonderland

My husband took the 3 younger kids to Dutch Wonderland a couple weeks ago. I stayed home with my oldest daughter for 2 reasons.

1. She is a daredevil and has been to Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Disney and Universal Studios so Dutch Wonderland is a baby park in her eyes.

2. Although Emma is doing fairly well with house-training (she still has accidents sometimes) she is not ready to be home alone for 10 hours.

Thus, I stayed home to spend the day with my daughter and to keep on top of Emma's house-training.

And although he thought he lost the camera at Dutch Wonderland, it resurfaced so here are some pics of their day.