Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slumber Party

Last night we had a Christmas party to attend. The party was held in a very old house (1700s) with lots of fireplaces and candles. Not exactly the kind of place for rambunctious little boys.

So, our favorite neighbors offered to keep the boys for the evening. It turned into a sleepover. The boys had a FABULOUS time. You can see some pics here, on the Kerper's blog. They got to eat a cookie while watching a dinosaur movie. They got to borrow Ry's jammies. They got to sleep with "spaceship flashlights". And then, this morning, even though Ryan has cereal at his house, they got to eat pancakes! They have been sooo excited all morning, talking non-stop about the sleepover.

I am so proud of them for being such big boys: not peeing in the bed, not waking up at night with scary dreams, and not missing mom and dad.

I asked them if they remembered their "pleases and thank yous" and my 5 year old said, "Uh. No. My brain kind of forgets about that stuff when I'm having fun."

I think this is probably the first of many, many sleepovers in the years to come.

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