Monday, November 3, 2008


My son is the Very Special Person this week at school. Basically, he is king of the class for a week.

His teacher sent home a questionnaire for us to complete prior to being VSP. So today she gave him a special seat in the class, with me on one side and his younger brother on the other side. She proceeded to ask him the questions (which he answered previously at home with me) and then she had the kids in the class give a thumbs-up if the answer also applied to them. (For example, my son answered that he has 2 dogs. If anyone else in the class has 2 dogs, they are to give a thumbs-up.)

Let me just start by saying that five year-olds are fickle. Either his teacher thinks that I don't know my son at all OR she thinks I answered the questions based on what I think.

On the original questionnaire, my son answered all the questions and I recorded his answers. Of course I expected that he would give the same answers today to his teacher. WRONG!!!! His teacher read the questions and then asked my son to answer them; of course his answers were entirely different from what he told me last week!

Teacher: Where do you live?
Son: I don't know.
Teacher: What house number? Or do you know the street name?
Son: No. Nope.
Teacher: What town do you live in?
Son: I don't know (as he shrugs his shoulders).

Now is it me, or would you be embarressed too??? The kid knows where he lives, house number, street name AND town. Maybe even knows his phone number too.

Next question.

Teacher: What is your favorite food?
Son: Mac and cheese.
Teacher: Well mom says your favorite food is apples.
Son: Yeah! Apples too.

I am sure the teacher was thinking that I was trying to make it seem like I give my kid healthy snacks when in reality he eats boxed food. But he really did say apples!!! Now of course, it looks like I am a liar or possibly that I am living in denial.

Teacher: What is your favorite thing to do at home?
Son: Watch TV.
Teacher: Well mom says here that you like to jump on the trampoline with your brother.
Son: Yeah, I like to do that. And watch TV. Mostly TV.

I should point out here that he gets to watch ONE SHOW PER DAY. However, he was sick last week with an ear infection in both ears and had a fever for 3+ days. So I relax the TV rule when someone is sick; that person gets to lay on the couch and watch as much TV as they want. So he had just come off a TV high, which could explain his love affair with television.

I could go on but I think you get the idea of how the Very Special Person embarrassed his mom on his very special day.

It could have been worse. At least he said his favorite TV show was Zooboomafoo (a PBS show). He could have come out with something really awful that would have made me crawl under the kiddie-sized tables.

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