Saturday, November 1, 2008

Soccer Season

My husband and oldest daughter

He was her coach. How CUTE is this picture????

The soccer season came to a close today. I know, I've been a terrible blogger, not even mentioning it until now. But that is a good thing because now you get an overview instead of a blow-by-blow description of the season.

My oldest and my 2 youngest played soccer this fall; it was the first time for all. The boys were part of the Little Player League, which means they mostly played skills-type games (kick, run, jump, etc.) They did not play a real soccer game until the very last day. I thought it would be a good idea to sign-up the boys to play together: they'd have each other and I could combine 2 practices into one. On the first day of practice they had a blast and were so excited to "tell Daddy" all about it. But by the second week, my younger son REFUSED to play. At all. Sat on the sideline for an HOUR, without complaint! I couldn't figure out what was going on with him, he seemed to just lose interest.

Well, as we were sitting on the sidelines about a month into it, he told me the reason he didn't want to play was because his older brother was better than he was; faster, could kick the ball more, and just a better soccer player. If he (youngest) couldn't be the best, he had no interest in playing! I just could NOT believe that I was hearing this from a 3 year old!! I tried to explain that his brother is 5 and therefore faster and more coordinated but my words were useless. He was NOT going to play. Nope. Nothing. I couldn't bribe him. I tried: Gatorade, pizza, withholding the team soccer shirt, etc. Nothing worked. The kid did not play again at all. What a waste of $80! However, my older son really enjoyed playing and really loves his team shirt and soccer socks and shin guards so the $80 was well spent on him.

Then there is my oldest. She's 9 and it was her first time playing soccer. Fortunately, there was another girl on the team who was also brand new to the game. It was not an easy season for my daughter, even though, or maybe because, my husband was her coach. It took a few weeks for them to "get it right" meaning, they (husband and daughter) had to find the balance between conversation and blame about what happened (or didn't happen) during practices and games. So between being a new player, hurricanes and tropical storms (raining out games and practices), and getting pneumonia, it was hard for my daughter to really get in enough field time to hone in on her game. But she didn't complain and persevered and they played a tournament game today and now the season is over. (Which is good because it is getting too cold to sit outside and listen to my 3 younger kids complain about not wanting to be at a soccer game.)

Today's game was quite unusual. I am not a sports fan so you can count on me to give you only the necessary details.

It was a tournament game that went into overtime because no one had scored. After overtime with still no score, the referee reduced the teams to 4 on 4 with no goalies. Still, no one scored. So for the next overtime period they cut the teams to 3 on 3, still no goalie and still no score! So for the NEXT overtime they cut the teams to 2 on 2, no goalie. It was starting to get dire. The poor girls were running all over that field, it is much too large for 2 on 2! They would kick the ball and there would be no one there to receive it. I was starting to think that this was going to go on forever. Yet another overtime period passed, still 2 on 2 and then FINALLY the other team scored a goal. While it was disappointing to lose after all that, it was a bit of a relief. Had they won, they'd be playing again at 12:30 today and they were already completely exhausted after such a long morning game.

So now that soccer and Halloween are behind us, we can look ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Yipee!!! What is better than Thanksgiving dinner followed by weeks of baking Christmas cookies?!


Diane said...

Hey Rachel!! Your blog is soo fun and cute! It's fun to see what you guys are up- since you're so far from Texas! :)

Congrats on baby #5- yay!!! :)

Emma said...

I like the picture