Friday, November 21, 2008

Let It Snow

We woke up this morning to 2-3 inches of snow -- which was completely unexpected! It is the really beautiful snow, the kind that just lays on the tree limbs like powdered sugar. Of course pandemonium ensued and I had 4 little crazy kids scrambling to get dressed to play in the snow (this was at 7:20am).

Of course an expected snow means that my 5 year old son is wearing a pink snowsuit and 3 year old son has no snow gloves. And my 7 year old daughter has no snowsuit at all. But hey, at least everyone has boots that fit!

In other news, I am on antibiotics and feeling 100x better.

And, my dryer is still not working.

Oh, and Emma LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow. I was sort of worried that snow would be like rain for her and that she'd start peeing in the house instead of the snow. But she has been outside most of the morning just running and jumping and playing. Then she comes in the house and lays in front of the forced-air heating vent to dry off. And then back out again.

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