Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Not much has been happening here lately, so much for my idea to post daily for the month of November.

Here's a rundown of the mundane things that have occurred since our camera broke (ie, no pics included).

PS: These are not listed in any specific order.

1. My husband and younger daughter just returned from a trip to Ireland. They went over for 5 days because my husband's cousin was getting married. (Many people have asked how we decided which kid got to go. Well my oldest has traveled over twice with my husband and twice with my husband and other daughter. Also, my oldest missed 6 days of school due to pneumonia so we didn't think she should miss any more school. My younger daughter seemed like a good candidate as she has not traveled over just with dad. My older son is a home-body and would most likely be homesick and my youngest is just too young. So we settled on my younger daughter.) They had a fabulous time and my husband had the opportunity to see his siblings and to celebrate his dad's 70th birthday while in Ireland.

2. I didn't have to cook for 5 days. We had Lucky Charms Night; pizza night; soup night; Wendy's night; and then on Sunday I took them to a local fav, Jimmy John's for a late lunch/early dinner. However, now that they are home, I am back to cooking.

3. My dryer was broken for 2-3 days. As a result, I swear every piece of clothing in our house is in the process of being laundered. Which means that I have a LOT of folding to do.

4. Except that I am sick. This is my 3rd day of a fever, cough, feeling miserable. So I called the doctor at 8:04am (they open at 8) and was told there are no more appointments today. So I will have to muddle through one more day and go tomorrow and hopefully get some antibiotics. The problem is that being pregnant, it is painful to cough AND the good OTC meds, the ones that actually work, are restricted when you are pregnant.

5. I saved over $70 at the grocery store this week. I was very proud of myself. I took a Coupon Class last month and feel like I am finally in the groove of using the circular to plan meals and coordinating my coupons with the store sales. Do I think I will keep up with this when the baby comes? Probably not, it takes up at least an hour a week. But for now, I am saving money, which is good because it cost $136.40 to get the dryer fixed.

6. I felt the baby moving last night. Pretty cool. I love that feeling; will never tire of it and it will be a feeling I covet until the day I die.

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