Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bouncing the Camera

Let me set the scene for you:

My daughters were at playdates at friends' houses. I was at the grocery store. My husband was in the shower.

The boys were unsupervised.

My 5 year old thought he would tackle his homework: observe the moon and then draw a picture of it. Except that he thought it would also be great to take a picture of it. So he got out the digital camera and started to take pictures. This is where the story gets a little fuzzy. My 3 year old decided that he wanted the camera; I'm not sure if it was a peaceful surrender or hostile takeover, but my 3 year old ended up with the camera and thought it would be fun to bounce it. Yes, he was throwing it up in the air and enjoying the bounce it made when it hit the ground. (I think my 5 year old was enjoying this as well). This is what was going on when my husband discovered the situation.

So he immediately put both boys in bed (it was probably 7:30 anyway) and when I came home from the store I discovered 2 very unhappy little boys and a very broken camera.


S. Braun said...

I told you, you need the water-proof and drop-proof camera I have been raving about!

rachel said...

need new cam