Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby, Baby

I had a dream last night about the baby. In my dream the baby was a boy; its the second "boy" dream that I've had (and in the past, my dreams were a strong predictor of the gender of the baby.) ANYWAY, he was very, very cute and cuddly and was about 6 months old. He was driving me crazy though because he kept taking off his diaper and peeing on the rugs. There was pee EVERYWHERE and it was impossible for me to tell if the pee was from the baby or from Emma and I was losing my mind. I'm sure it was a dream about my anxiety concerning Emma not being completely housebroken and knowing that a baby is on the way.

In other baby bytes, my youngest son is really interested in the baby, hugs and kisses my belly daily and is always wanting to know how the baby is growing and changing. It is very cute and sweet. (Although I should add that when he got angry with me last week -- I think it was because I said he could not have a granola bar -- he shouted at me, "I don't like you and I don't like your baby anymore either!" Which completely cracked me up but got him into some trouble nonetheless. He did apologize later and said he really does love me AND the baby, which I knew he did.) ANYWAY, when I picked-up my youngest son from bible study today, he had created a placemat for Thanksgiving. He had drawn a picture of what he was thankful for. He was beaming when he showed me the placemat and I asked what he drew a picture of (because it was not obvious) and he said, "It is a picture of your baby. I am thankful for our baby." My heart melted. How sweet. I love this kid. I'll order another just like him.

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S. Braun said...

With that many boy dreams, I'd say you should focus on boys' names!