Friday, October 31, 2008


It was a great night for Trick-or-Treat, not too cold, and it started with a neighborhood party to kick things off.

As we were heading to the party:

My daughter's friend dressed as Mrs. Dracula;
My oldest dressed as a hippie;
My youngest dressed as a dinosaur


My 5 year old crying because his older sister took the treat bag that HE wanted to carry. (As if it matters! What is more important? The treats or the bag???)

After the party my husband took the kids Trick-or-Treating (or Halloweening as we used to call it when I was a kid) while I stayed home to hand out candy. We started out with 125 pieces and ran out of candy at 7:30pm so I guess I need to buy more for next year.

My younger daughter went Trick-or-Treating with a friend so I took this pic when they came by for some candy.

My daughter is supposed to be a campfire. Note the flames, twigs and marshmallows. Unfortunately, the sweater somewhat obscures the effect of the outfit. Also, she took off the red/orange wig that looked like fire. I have to give credit for this costume to Bec, it was her idea and indeed her costume at one time. (Bec is the campfire, Phil is the girl scout, how clever is that?!)

After Trick-or-Treating for a while, we switched. My husband stayed home with the boys (who were tired) to hand out candy while I took my oldest daughter and her friend back out to get more candy. My daughter kept getting mistaken for Pocahontas, even with the Peace Symbol on her face, so I decided to take the braids out of her hair. Once I did that, people seemed to realize right away that she was a hippie.

When we got home, my daughter weighed her candy bag and it came in at over 6 pounds!!!!! Can you IMAGINE???? Here is just SOME of the loot:

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