Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ortho Update

The expander has been re-inserted into my daughter's mouth. Head gear is back in use and everything seems to be going smoothly.

The orthodontist told me that if I ever need to be out for the evening, rather than have my husband insert the head gear -- well, he said we should just give her a night off from the head gear rather than risk another problem! He also told my daughter "to just let Mom, not Dad, put in your head gear."

I was explaining this to my husband at dinner and he scoffed and said he knows how to put in the head gear and can do it just fine. Just then my 5 year old son (who was at the ortho with us) pipes up with, "Dad. The Doctor said to ONLY let MOMMY, NOT DADDY put in the head gear!" Too funny.

I think he is secretly happy to leave the head gear to me.

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S. Braun said...

That's too funny! Bob would have rolled his eyes at me.