Friday, October 10, 2008

Magnificent Planet

Ok, I know this might seem random, but sometimes I look around me and see so many beautiful things that I just can't help but feel thankful that we live on such a magnificent planet. Especially when things in the world seem like they are out of control, it is nice to appreciate things that don't cost money, you can enjoy them just by looking at them.

These photos were taken yesterday at the orchard. This is one of my favorite trees EVER. I know, most people don't have "favorite trees" but I do. This tree is unusual and really stunning when you see it from a distance. I am not a photographer so I know this photo does not capture the beauty of this tree. But I love it and enjoy driving past it and have been wanting to take a picture of it for a long time.

Another stunning sight yesterday were these mums:

And now that I have pondered the loveliness of life, I am going to go do something mundane, like laundry.

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