Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Alone

We had Family Movie Night recently and we watched a family fav: Home Alone.

Now my boys are obsessed with setting traps for would-be robbers:

I have tried to get over/under the tangle in the mudroom, to no avail, I've been stuck more than I'd like to admit. So then I tried disassembling the "trap". But it reappears again within an hour or so. As I type they are setting up a "pumpkin trap". This involves taking all of our pumpkins (8 or so) and assembling them on the floor in an obstacle-course type manner. Oh, and the other morning when I went to the gym at 5AM, I went out the back door but attempted to come in the front door. MISTAKE! There was a trap set and I banged right into it and woke the whole house. At least I know my house is somewhat burglar-proof now!

In this photo Emma is sniffing the "trap" because her leash is part of the trap and she is trying to figure out if this means she is going for a walk or not.

And on a Completely Unrelated Note: I am SO TIRED of Political People coming to my door and asking me who I am going to vote for! I am now telling them that I refuse to answer. My grandmother used to tell me that there are 3 questions you should never ask anyone, and if you are asked, you should never answer:
1. Your political affiliation.
2. Your religion.
3. Your age.
I can't say as I am bothered by talking about any of the above but I do resent it when a stranger comes to my door demanding to know who I will vote for.

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