Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Parade

Tonight we headed out to the Annual Halloween Parade. This is a MUCH ANTICIPATED event. Not only is it a sugar-rush, but it is a trial run for the Real Halloween Costume.

My little guy kept asking, "Mom? What is I again?" He couldn't remember if he was a dinosaur or a dragon . . . in case you can't tell . . . he is a dinosaur. My daughter's costume needs some explanation. She looks like Little Red (or Blue) Riding Hood but she is actually a Princess. It was cold so she is wearing a sweater over the costume. The Princess thing was last-minute. Her Real Halloween Costume is not ready yet so she had to settle for wearing last year's Princess costume. Tune in next week to see pics of her oh-so-unique Halloween costume that we are (or will soon be) working on.

And next we have the Power Ranger and the Hippie.

My daughter was too cute. I'm not sure she really knew what Hippie meant because she kept telling people she was going to be Hip Hop. Then Hippie Hop. In the end, she was mistaken for a Mexican Dancer. We most certainly need to work on this costume before October 31. A trip to the Salvation Army for some authentic 70s stuff should do the trick. If all else fails, I will paint peace signs on her cheeks.

We went to the parade with our next door neighbors, how cute is this little guy????

And his little brother is just as cute. He is dressed as a "Nurse In Training" which is pretty clever since his dad is a nurse.

My daughter was very proud of herself for doing her own make-up for the evening.

Don't you just love Halloween costumes that are warm and fuzzy and have built-in gloves? I guess you would not love that if you lived in a warm climate but I can't think of anything better for October in the Northeast!

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Lilah and Rhys' Mom said...

Watch out world! Langan daughter #1 is a REAL beauty. WOW! You're going to have your hands full with boys at the door when she starts wearing makeup everyday. (Not that she needs it to make her beautiful- it just takes her to another orbit.)

She is stunning!