Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to School

My oldest daughter has finally returned to school after 6 days off (7 if you count Yom Kippur but there was no school that day.) Long story, short version: she developed a fever that just wouldn't go away. On the third day of the fever I took her to the pediatrician and they said it was viral, "just wait it out." So the poor child laid on the couch for DAYS, not moving, not eating, just sleeping and watching TV. I took her to the doctor AGAIN on the sixth day of the fever but they still couldn't find anything wrong so they sent her for a chest x-ray and it turns out that she had pneumonia. So she started on antibiotics but it still took another 36 hours for the fever to go away. She has been resting and taking it easy and seems to be recovered.

So she went back to school on Monday. She was really anxious about returning after missing 6 days. She gets sick to her stomach when she is anxious so she was having stomach pains but I had no choice but to send her. She ended up having a GREAT DAY! She came home and was upbeat and enthusiastic and not at all stressed about missing schoolwork. Her teacher called me that afternoon to tell me that my daughter worked super-hard to get caught up and said they (classroom teacher and learning support teacher) had a plan for her to get 100% caught up and gave me a few things to follow-up on at home. Her teachers were amazing at getting her back on track and helping her feel good about the work she doing to help herself get caught-up. I cannot even believe this is my child! My daughter never feels confident about school but she seems to have matured recently and seems to be taking it all in stride. I am so very proud of her.

Anyway, sent her back to school on Monday only to get a call from the school (and of course my first thought when I saw it on the caller ID was that someone had lice!) later in the day. The secretary told me that I needed a doctor's note because my daughter had missed so much school. Fine, whatever. I told her I'd call the pediatrician and ask for the note. I explained that they would mail it because it is a 20 minute drive to the doctor's which is too far to go to get a note. The secretary asked if I could have the doctor fax the excuse. Ok, whatever. I didn't really see why the school needed the note ASAP. I mean its not like I was going to fabricate one. It's not like I took my daughter to Aruba for a week and now have to figure out a way to procure a doctor's note. But I said I'd ask them to fax it; afterall, I don't want to get a reputation as a Difficult Parent. So I hung up and called the pediatrician's office and explained the situation. They said it was no problem to write an excuse note but said it IS a problem to fax the note because it violates the HIPPA/privacy laws. So I had to then call the school and explain that they would have to wait for the note to be mailed as the doctor's office would not fax it. Is my doctor the ONLY one who refuses to fax these things???? Why would the school ask to have it faxed if it violates privacy laws to do so? Beaurocracy!

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