Sunday, October 26, 2008

And Baby Makes Five . . .

Yes, you read that correctly! BABY! We are expecting our 5th child to arrive in May!! May 8 to be exact. However, I have been late with every baby so I don't expect this child to arrive until at least May 15.

The kids are SUPER EXCITED about having a new baby! Here's a sampling of the comments from them when we told them the news:

Oldest Daughter: Yay! Are you going to have the baby at home? Please say YES, Please say YES! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! (I had home births with my middle two children so she wants me to have another home birth since she is now old enough to want to participate.)

Younger Daughter: (Looks at both my husband and myself with a look of almost-disgust) and says, "That is just weird. I mean WEIRD. Well, I guess its good but its just weird."

Older Son: After jumping up and down and cheering and shouting and going nuts says, "Dad! Stop! You are tapping your foot and it is going to wake our baby! Our baby is sleeping and you have to be quiet!"

Younger Son: Is I going to be big brudder? (We tell him yes) and then he shouts, "Yes!" while doing a triumphant arm-pump. (He does not like being the Littlest Guy so he is VERY excited about becoming a Big Brudder.)

Very cute reactions. They are so sweet, always wanting to know what the baby is doing right now and how the baby is growing. They even talk to the baby even though he or she can't hear yet (and they know this) but they still like talking to and kissing my belly.

In addition to getting a new brother or sister, my children will also be getting a new cousin because my sister is due to have her second baby at the end of April. So it will be pandemonium at family holidays with 7 grandchildren under the age of 10.

My oldest daughter really loves babies and kids and wants to have lots more. Today she asked me how many more I think I could have. I was sort of being vague because I think that five is probably enough. But she kept pressing me. She asked if I could have 18 babies like the Duggar Family on tv. I told her that I definitely could NOT have 18 babies. So she said how about 12? Nope. 10? Doubtful. But she was pretty much set on 10, figuring it wouldn't be so hard to get to 10 if we have some twins. While I don't think I can give her 5 more siblings, I'm really happy that she wants to share everything she has with her current and future sibling(s)!

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S. Braun said...

Best wishes to you all! I bet your kids will all be big helpers.
I'm excited to hold a newborn again - I love that stage!