Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dirty Dog

My boys thought it would be fun to turn the hose on Emma. She thought it was lots of fun too -- once she was soaked she ran to her favorite digging spot and started digging up a storm. Thus the title, Dirty Dog.

But after a bath and brushing, she is sparkling!

It appears that poor little Emma is suffering from IBD, otherwise known as Irritable Bowel Disease. I won't get into the details (trust me) but based on her recurring and worsening symptoms, the vet believes it is IBD. So she is on medication (which really helps) while we try to switch her diet to a new protein source (herring) and no wheat. Who knew this could be so complicated??? Hopefully we can get this under control because when she suffers bouts with IBD, the house-breaking goes right out the window (actually, it goes right onto the floor.)

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