Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sringsteen, Summer & Bats

Went to a Bruce Springsteen concert last night with my husband. I'm not a big fan but went because my husband really wanted to go. It was a great show! He played non-stop for 3 hours! The man is a machine.

While at the concert, I noticed lots of people talking on cell phones, not to mention texting. I could see their phones glowing in the dark (the ones in the distance) and could see people around me TALKING during the concert. OK.
1. Who are you talking to?
2. Is it really THAT important?
3. How can you even hear the person you're talking to?

And then I found out. My cell phone rings. It's my sister, who is babysitting my kids. She tells me that there are 2 bats in the house! My kids saw a bat flying around the playroom and freaked out. So my sister opened the front door to let it out and went looking for it because it was no longer flying around. She found it on the 3rd floor bathroom floor and it was dead. At this point, she thought this was the problem was solved. She calmed the kids and started to go upstairs to put them to bed and then she saw another (or probably the same bat since the other bat was already dead) flying around! So she went and got my neighbors, a big THANK YOU to Bec & Phil for their patience and kindness and willingness to help!!! Phil bagged the dead bat, YUCK! and my sister managed trap the living one in our dining room window. YUCK! It flew into the window, trying to escape, so she shut the window. So now he or she is stuck in there and is injured as its wing is stuck in the window. YUCK!

My children are traumatized. We just started cleaning out the 3rd flor bedroom YESTERDAY, to move the girls up there. But there is NO WAY they will agree to move up there after a bat-sighting. My son keeps asking if the bat has diabetes (he means rabies) and says that he used to NOT be scared of bats, but now he is, because maybe bats DO suck some peoples blood.

I am going to call Critter Control today and fork over $3000 to hopefully get rid of them once and for all. Except he told us last time that no matter how tightly they secure our house, they can still get back inside through tiny openings on my neighbor's side (we live in a twin and share a common wall.)

But still, if we can seal up our side, at least maybe they won't have access points for entry and they'll stop actually coming INTO the house itself. Why oh why can they not just live in the attic? Why do they have to migrate into the house?


Melissa said...

Bec and Phil gave us the 411 on bat situation. Your bat story is definitely worse than ours! I hope you can clean them all out once and for all... I am still traumatized by an run in I had with a bat at age 5. They are just gross. And maybe they DO suck blood :).


Jim said...

We caught our bat and called the local animal control officer (as instructed to do in any leaflet you find!)and we were asked to put the bat in THE FREEZER to kill and preserve it, until they can decide if they need to test it. There was no way I was going to put a living bat (wrapped in a sheet, and 2 plastic bags) in my freezer next to my Popsicles to meet a slow Artic death, so I had to deliver this thing to the health dept. so they could handle the morbid proceedings themselves. I felt really bad for the poor thing, especially when the test came back negative. :(