Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My youngest son, having 2 older sisters, has had to endure endless hours of nail painting, dress up and beauty salon services. The poor kid looks like a girl half of the time.

But he really doesn't mind, he is happy to play along. He does not realize that boys don't paint their nails or wear pony tails in their hair.

Well the girls have finally stumbled upon a hair-do that is respectable and appropriate for a boy. So he's gone from a GirlieBoy to a ManlyBoy in one word: Spike.

In other news, Emma Jean, the poop and pee machine, is FINALLY getting the hang of going OUTSIDE. Yay!!! She is having about 1 accident/day in the house. Which is MUCH preferable to the 6-7/day she was having a few weeks ago. I have trained her to go on command, which she does about 80% of the time. Once she is going on command EVERY time then I will start putting her under the trampoline and giving her the command. That way I won't have to clean up after her. It's been a challenge but she is a wonderful little dog and has brought so much joy to our lives.

Can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer?!!!

1. I am so glad that I am house-training Emma in the warm weather because we have been spending HOURS outside with walks and training and potty breaks. Not to mention hanging around outside at 2AM, waiting for her to go. I cannot imagine how this would work if it were snowing and below freezing.

2. Last night I had the BEST corn on the cob that I have had all summer. It was so sweet and tender and I have 6 more ears in the fridge that I will eat for lunch today. (OK, I won't eat all 6 but it will take a lot of self-control to stop after 2 or 3.) Corn on the cob is one of my FAVORITE foods (besides ice cream) and the fact that it is delicious and abundant only during the month of August makes it even more coveted.

3. August is so quiet in West Chester. I swear half the population is on vacation. The pool is quiet and almost empty; you can walk into just about any restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night and get seated right away! It is the BEST. Life is quiet and slow here and I wait all year for August because it is so calm and relaxing.

4. I feel like a kid in the summer: no homework, no packing lunches, no schedule to keep, warm and sunny days, going to bed late, playing outside, hanging at the pool. It is the BEST BEST BEST. EVERY DAY I think about how much I LOVE summer. And how much I hate winter. But I won't dwell on that right now.

I have been telling my husband that we really have to retire somewhere where it is warm and sunny in the winter. I will come north for Christmas and then back to pseudo-summer. I think I have been watching too many House Hunter International shows -- where people are buying vacation homes with gorgeous views in tropical places. I watched one recently where the house had a raised bed and the buyers wanted to know why. The realtor explained that in the islands, they build the beds higher to take advantage of the Trade Winds. You keep the door and windows open and the trade winds blow across you while you sleep. Ever since I saw that episode, I have been insisting on sleeping with the fan on (my husband prefers it off) and I pretend that the trade winds are blowing over me as the vascilating fan sweeps across me while I'm in bed. Pathetic, I know. But it makes me happy.

OK, can you tell that 2 of my kids are away for the whole week visiting my parents? That's why I am rambling on, I only have 2 kids to take care of!

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