Friday, August 22, 2008

Pizza Party

Last night we attended at true pizza party.

One of the moms at the pool writes for WC Dish and was conducting research for an upcoming article about pizza. I was especially happy to take part as I still have not found the perfect pizza place.

So here's how it worked. Each family purchased a pizza from a different local pizza eatery. We brought all the pizzas to the pool and cut them into small slices. A "comments" sheet was taped to the box top of each pizza and then we started sampling. It was so much fun!!! First of all, pizza is one of my favorite foods so I was thrilled to have so many to sample (plus it meant I didn't have to cook dinner). It was great to be able to judge one pizza against another and to hear and read other people's comments. And it gave me an opportunity to taste pizza that I would not normally buy (I usually stick to the ones closest to home, that I can walk to.) There were definitely a couple crowd favorites but you'll have to wait until the article is published to find out where to start ordering your pizza.

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Silja said...

Definitely let me know the outcome of this! We always order from Brother's, but I haven't found my favorite pizza YET! I have to admit I like the pizza in Germany much better...